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Remember, Reveal and Reclaim your “Wildish” self

The Wildish self is the natural self. The true self.


When reclaiming your wildish self you naturally start shedding what no longer serves you, you question your habits, your opinions, your teachings, your identity and your lifestyle in order to embody your true Wildish self.


Wildish Wellness is a holistic health practice that reveals the unique wellness needs of each woman who feels called to work with us. We use holistic practices to sprout embodied ways of knowing and being in relationship with your health and wellness journey.


We honor your mind, body, and soul as a sacred temple, reclaim lost parts of yourself, reveal  ever-changing nature and reclaim your Wildish self with love and self-empowerment.


Wildish Wellness offers personalized wellness coaching protocols, Wellness Workshops, Ayurvedic seasonal cleanses and Womens empowerment gatherings.

Meet Aimee Willow

"I remember reading about Ayurveda for the first time and feeling like I was just remembering something from long ago.

Everything made sense both logically and intuitively. "

I am the founder of Wildish Wellness.

I am a space holder, 

I am a student,

I am a teacher, 

I am a guide.


My Wellness practice is about the reclamation and liberation of self through rewilding women's wellness. 


I was born with an autoimmune condition that affects every cell and bodily process. Being doomed by doctors to live a subpar life has gifted me some serious life experience, determination, empathy and understanding of others suffering.

My refusal to accept the doomed fate laid out by doctors started a journey of questioning, learning and discovering a range of holistic healing sciences and modalities that are just too good not to share!

My studies and more importantly my ongoing lived experience gives me the confidence to guide you on your journey to remembering, reclaiming and liberating your Wildish self.


I now see my health conditions as an invitation to live deeper. I treat each wellness barrier as an initiation to get to know myself and this thing we call life better. 

I strive to live a life in commune with my mind, body and spirit. To treat them as a partner instead of their owner. I am no longer in survival mode, I am open and eager to share the language of our most wise selves, our Wildish selves.


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