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A story of rewilding

Do you remember the ancient knowledge of your ancestors?

How they understood the earth,  plants and  animals.

How they understood the cyclical nature of everything around us?

You would be forgiven if your answer was no...

Wildish wellness was born from the idea of re-wilding as a human being.

Not necessarily having to wear animal skins and hunt for food but rather to remember the important lessons passed

down to us and re-apply them to our modern day lives so that we can live a better, more balanced life.

We don't need to be  WILD but lets be WILDISH instead.

Meet Aimee

"I remember reading about Ayurveda for the first time and feeling like I was just remembering something from long ago.

Everything made sense both logically and intuitively. "

Aimee is the face behind Wildish Wellness

Her own health struggles led her to venture into multiple health and wellness disciplines at a very young age.

She has qualifications in Personal training, various massage therapies, Nutrition and Ayurveda. Giving her a truly holistic and whole approach to her own health, her business and clients alike.

Aimee has spent a number of years working in various gym's coaching clients.

She runs exercise boot camps aimed at woman's health.

Worked for a nutrition company as well as a remedial sports company assisting in rehabilitation.

In 2019 she packed her things and traveled to India to learn an ancient healing modality called Ayurveda and now runs her own health and wellness practice with the launch of her wildish wellness product shop using her knowledge to formulate non-toxic botanical self-care products and supplements.


Aimee's passion is to simplify health and wellness, to make it easily understandable and accessible to you.

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