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  • Wat are the products made of?
    Wildish lifestyle is a plant based health and wellness brand. All offerings are made in small batches using natural botanicals. Ingredients are ethically and locally grown out of deep respect and reverence forour earth. We care about what goes into the products so you don’t have to worry about what you put on your skin. These products are free from: -Parabens -Cruelty -Hidden toxins
  • I have allergies and am concerned about my order.
    All Wildish products are made using the highest quality natural ingredients . Please contact me at with the offering you are interested in purchasing with any of your concerns. Another option is to request a custom order. I can make something specifically for you :)
  • How long will my product last?
    -Tinctures and Oxymels typically have a shelf life of 3-5 years. -Balms and oils have a shelf life of 1 year. -Creams are preservative free so will last up to 3 months in the fridge -Soaps can be kept for 1 year
  • I would like to become a stockist.
    I would love to provide your shop with products! Pop me a mail to begin the process and let me know what offerings you are interested in, how many you’d like, and a little bit about your business/shop. I look forward to working with you and stocking your shop with my products!
  • Do you offer combined health coaching packages?
    I sure do! All health coaching services work even better when comined. Let me know if you are interested in a package and ill work out a specialised price for you.
  • What should I expect in a Remedial massage session?
    Format Before your first appointment, you’ll fill out an intake form. I email you the form after you have made a booking please fill this in and return it before you arrive for your appointment, this saves time and gives you more time in assessment and treatment. If you haven’t already filled it out before you arrive, it will take time away from your treatment. Initial consult I’ll greet you, and once you’re in the room we’ll have a chat and do an initial consult. This is where we discuss what your primary reason for visiting is, what may have caused it, and anything else you feel is important. I may ask you some supplementary questions about your diet, sleep, and environment. Treatment plan Following assessment, I will suggest a treatment plan for you. You can make any changes you like before we go ahead with the massage. All information is kept 100% confidential. Treatment I will step just out the door while you get changed. Don’t rush! Take your time and relax. Make yourself comfortable on the table, taking note of my request either to lay face-up, face-down, or on your side. When you are ready to begin, just call out “ready!” and I’ll come back in. We’ll keep you covered with towels or sarongs for warmth and modesty at all times. What To Wear Everyone: Most people traditionally keep on underwear and take everything else off. However, if this thought is confronting for you, then you can keep on whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ve had some clients who were shyer and more preferred to keep on a pair of running shorts or a tee-shirt, which we worked around or through to get to different muscles. If this is how you feel relaxed and secure, I’m happy work with you like this. I want you to feel comfortable. If you are just having your upper or lower body treated in your remedial massage, there may be no need to take off your respective trousers or top – whatever is comfortable for you. Each time you turn over on the table, I will keep your body covered. Ladies: Most of the time you can keep on your bra and just tuck the shoulder straps under your arms, so I can easily access your shoulder muscles. When you’re lying face-down we’ll unclasp you so I can work on your back, and then re-fasten before you get up or turn over. A sports bra or crop top is usually not a good idea, as the straps or fabric are not easy to work around. Men: Please avoid wearing trunks and boxers if you want your legs done — best stick to briefs. Boxer-briefs are particularly problematic for draping, please don’t wear those if you can avoid it! At the close of your treatment Re-evaluation and therapeutic movement We’ll do any relevant tests or re-tests to see what effect the massage has had. Hopefully some improvements! Then, if needed, you’ll learn any corrective stretches and/or strengthening movements to do, so that you are more likely to maintain the positive outcomes we achieve. These will be customised to suit your level of difficulty and will also take into account any injuries or disabilities you might have. Remember that if you have a dysfunction, and you choose not to follow through with your corrective movements, you are likely to end up right back where you started! Advice You may also learn about lifestyle habits or patterns you can adapt in order to avoid future injury. As with any changes you make, whether or not you choose to make them is over to you! I’ll also advise you about what you should expect to feel and notice in the coming days. If you feel anything significantly different, get in touch and let me know. As always, you are in total control. My role is to serve you, my valued client, and support you towards positive changes, pain-free living, and peak performance however I can. In some cases, we may refer you to another practitioner who better suits your needs. In other cases, we’ll discuss whether and when you should book in for follow-up treatment with me. During the days following your massage You may experience some niggly discomfort or soreness as your body changes and adjusts, especially if this is your first ever remedial massage, or if you haven’t had a massage for a long time. This is quite normal. However, there should ideally be no recurrence of the pain that brought you to the clinic in the first place. If we are not seeing improvements, we may need to adjust course. Get in touch and tell me if you feel like something isn’t right. There is a difference between post-massage soreness, and being in pain! The importance of your home-care stretching and strengthening If your remedial massage was focused on correcting dysfunctional patterns, then the success or failure of the massage is 90% dependent upon whether or not you follow through with your home-care. I’ll make it as easy as I possibly can, from my end, for you to follow through accordingly. I am also available by phone or email if you have any questions, or if anything is at all unclear. Doing your corrective movements during the first few days following a corrective remedial massage is absolutely crucial. If you simply walk out of the clinic back into the same patterns that brought you in, we just end up covering the same territory all over again next time. I understand how difficult it can be to change long-standing movement or postural patterns – I deal with this difficulty myself. I don’t give anyone a hard time about it. Let’s do this.
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