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Mindful Movement

Mindful movement could be one of the tools we use to support you on your wellness journey. These sessions use a combination of Yoga, functional weight training, breathwork and meditation to create sustainable transformation and a deep connection to your mind and body.

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This is not your average workout regimen!


Mindful movement is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance. It is a reminder that, even in the face of chronic illness or trauma, the body can still be a source of safety, strength and resilience. These sessions serve as a vehicle for reclaiming your sense of safety and autonomy. A gentle guide, helping you navigate this terrain with patience and self-compassion. The essence of mindful movement lies in its adaptability as our sessions can be tailored to meet your unique needs and is not about achieving a perfect pose but about fostering a connection with your body, whatever form it may take on a given day.

Key points of this

  • We meet twice a week for an hour each with a minimum commitment of 2 months.


  • We combine yoga, meditation and functional strength training, Keeping in mind that as women, our bodies need a minimum of 3 cycles to integrate positive changes effectively.

  • These sessions are adapted to what your body needs on any given day.


  • Sessions are either online or in-person. Everyone's needs are unique and we will assess where you are and what you need.


  • You will receive extra guidelines and resources as we go along.

The Mindful Movement Tools


Our yoga practice will be tailored to suit the current time in your cycle and will include movement and some breathing exercises .

-Enhance mindfulness
-Get better sleep. 
-Reduce stress. 
-Improve balance and core strength. 
-Relieve chronic pain. 
-Lower levels of depression. 
-Gently strengthen your body. 
-Enhance flexibility.

These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility.

Functional training

What is functional training?
Functional training attempts to adapt or develop muscle, allowing individuals to perform activities in daily life more easily and without injury. Functional training involves targeted weight-bearing activities 
as well as mobility training using your own body weight.

-Increases the ease of everyday life. 
-Greater Muscle Memory. 
-Low joint Impact. 
-Increases Flexibility & Coordination.
- Improves Balance & Posture. 
-Helps with joint Pain. 
-Reduces your risk of Injury

-Build lean muscle mass

These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility.


Incorporating meditation into your routine is a transformative practice with multifaceted benefits for your overall wellness. Beyond its calming influence on the mind, regular meditation cultivates a heightened awareness of the present moment.


This intentional focus 

-Reduces stress and anxiety.

-Enhances concentration. 

-Fosters emotional resilience.

-Improved sleep quality. 

-Increases self-awareness.


By dedicating a few moments to meditation, you invite a sense of tranquility and balance into your life, creating a foundation for mental, emotional, and physical flourishing.

Your investment

Working on an 8 sessions per month basis:
ZAR 6 000

USD 364
Payment plans and more details available on request

Contact Aimee to book your free 15 minute discovery call.

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