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Hello Wild One!


There is no universal solution for optimal health and wellness. Your individual biology, background and circumstances are completely unique.


My aim is to equip you with the knowledge to understand your unique mind-body constitution so that you can enjoy holistic wellness through personalized nutrition, movement, bodywork, comunity and wellness practices that work for you !

I specialize in using the modalities of Ayurveda, Nutrition and Bodywork to support you on your journey toward holistic wellness.

Health & Wellness Products


A source of natural ways to care for your body,

inside and out.

Holistic Health Services


Health coaching services, where we look at your bigger picture and treat the mind and body as a whole.

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Client testimonials

Aimee is knowledgeable in various aspects of the human body.


She approaches health in a holistic and practical manner. As a person Aimee proves to be devoted to health and


She is open-minded, non-judgemental and approachable.

Would recommend!

What people say

—  Lara, Functional movement coaching

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