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One on One Coaching

Discover the needs of your unique body and mind.

This 3 month 1:1 private Health and Wellness coaching is designed to assist you on your journey to a life fully embodying your highest potential.

We will take a deep dive into your unique needs and empower you with the tools and practices to better understand your body and mind.


 What will we address   on  your journey? 


•    Body Ownership vs Body Partnership

•    Lifestyle  

•    What makes your mind and body unique 

•    How to care for your mind and body through Ayurveda

•    How to listen to your body

•    Eliminate environmental toxins

•    Nutrition suited to you as an individual

•    Plant allies to support you

•    Fitness and movement​

•    Bodywork sessions are available if you are in Cape Town, South Africa


•    Mind Ownership vs Mind Partnership

•    Your mindset & emotional well-being

•    Self-confidence

•    Self-growth & self-love

•    Meditation

•    Journaling prompts

​•    Mind & Body connection

In this 3 month 1:1 private coaching, we empower you to understand your unique mind-body constitution so that you can enjoy holistic wellness through personalized nutrition, movement, bodywork, and wellness rituals.

Ayurveda is an incredibly powerful tool used in this coaching journey. 
Ayurveda believes that each of us has an individual constitution making each person’s health and wellness needs very different. By incorporating what we learn from your Ayurvedic constitution, we’re able to work from the inside out and design lifestyle shifts that are based on who you naturally are.

Unfortunately, our culture is centered on a one size fits all health approach and rarely educates you in specific habits for your unique needs. Your body is always communicating with you but we have not been taught to listen...


What do you get out of this   intensive health and wellness      journey?

You receive:

• Extensive medical and mental intake form.

• 1 X 60-min in-depth wellness analysis

• 1 X 60min Ayurvedic constitution analysis.

 Uncover what makes you unique, how your lifestyle has shaped you to this point, and how to restore balance. 

• We will do a deep dive into your Constitution and what lifestyle habits are best suited to you.

• 3 Month intensive nutrition guidance tailored to your needs and concerns.

• 1 x 90 min complimentary bodywork sessions

- Option add on: in-depth bodywork protocol for this journey.

​• Weekly tasks will be sent via email.

• Customized Fitness/Movement recommendations to be adapted each month.
- Option add on: face-to-face sessions in person or skype.

• Every month we connect for four 60-90min private sessions via video call.

• You will receive personalized lifestyle prompts and feedback forms via email after each video call.

• Monthly check-ins

• I'll personally check in with you via email/text to see how you're doing and send some personal inspiration your way.

• Email support between sessions

ZAR 7 000 x 3
USD 400 x 3

Payment plans available on request

Contact Aimee to book your free 15 minute discovery call.


Additional Services


Mindful Movement

Require more in-depth support?

I offer a guided journey of exercising according to your menstrual cycle.

You are a cyclical being so why not harmonize your external activities with your internal cycles?



We will create a specialized treatment package to offer even more support during your journey. Each week you are invited to book a 90-minute treatment that has been specifically designed to support your journey and is otherwise not usually available.


Hot & Cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy is a fantastic way to boost your health and wellness! By alternating between an infrared sauna and ice bath, you can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance immunity, and more. Together, they create a powerful contrast that invigorates your mind and body. 

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