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The Devotion Box – Let me be like water


This edition of the Devotion Box is an offering inspired by the fluidity and tranquility of water, designed to bring devotion, flow, ritual and self-love into your life. Crafted through the collaborative essence of four women seeking to slow down and reconnect with self, this box is a tribute to psychophysical wellbeing & We invite you to delve into a world where intentionality in self-care leads to renewal and a connection to the effortless grace of water's flow.


What is in the box:

  • Nourishing Face Oil by Wildish Wellness
  • Herbal face steam by Wildish Wellness
  • Scalp Oil by Maree Mirkovic
  • Ceremonial candle by Scents by Aurora
  • Limited edition Art print created and signed by Leanne Olivier
  • Printed ritual instructions 


Who is this box for?

  • For the women who want to slow down and honor their true wildish selves through ritual and reverence for the earth.
  • For the seeker who craves fluidity and a deeper connection to life's rhythms.
  • For those who wish to support local women-owned businesses and prioritize products that nourish rather than harm their health.
  • If you yearn to infuse your life with intention and meaning, It's time to honour yourself, honor the earth, and honor the sacred waters within.

Devotion Box - Let Me Be Like Water

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